Replacement / Custom Leads
Replacement / Custom Leads
Replacement / Custom Leads
Replacement / Custom Leads

Replacement / Custom Leads

When we created the Ergo Leash we wanted to ensure that you could replace your lead without having to purchase another handle. If your dog's hobby is chewing up leashes, or you like your leash to match your clothes, this is the leash for you!



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  • Ships In 24 Hours Monday - Friday.
  • Force Free
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If you’re not experiencing so much relief that you’re excited to walk your dog again, telling all your neighbors, getting more help from family members who are able to walk your dog, or wondering how you didn't hear about the Shrink Ray sooner, then just send them back within 30 days of your purchase and we’ll give you a full refund!

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Ordered my ergo leashes. We rescue Great Danes. They frequently come from bad situations where they have never been on a leash before. Their size makes them hard to handle when walking. I was able to walk my 100lb most recent rescue, Lana...I felt in control and after a while, she quit pulling so much. Thank you for such a badly needed product.

Mindy C.

The level of control I have now is ridiculous. Thank you for creating an accesory that not only improves my life, but my Big Baby's as well.

Briane S.