Force Free Relief People With Strong Energetic Dogs!

When You Buy One Relief Band Today, We'll Throw in a Second Relief Band FREE!


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The ultimate hack for any pulling dog (connects to any leash). Relief Bands are durable leash attachments that absorb shock, to make pulling smooth!
Whenever your dog hits the end of the leash they’ll gently bounce back to you in slow motion, saving your joints and your dog’s too!

With these two relief bands you'll have access to three combinations of relief, for dogs ranging between 50 and 220 pounds!

Use Cases:
  • ​Highly recommended for retractable leashes or long leads over 6ft!
  • Perfect for walks around the neighborhood, hikes, and decompression walks!
  • Essential for untrained puppies and playful dogs!
two relief bands
3 Levels of Relief

Standard Relief (zoom left): Choose between the Extra Strength OR Standard Relief Band to get the perfect amount of relief for your dog's weight and strength level!

Maximum Relief (zoom right): The Extra Strength & Standard Relief Bands can be used together (as seen above) to provide extra relief for heavy pullers!

Level 1 - The Standard Relief Band

Level 2 - The Extra Strength Relief Band

Level 3 - The Extra Strength + Standard Relief Band


No. Your dog will pull just as much as they do without Relief Bands. However, because Relief Bands (like resistance bands) make your dog work harder to pull, they will get tired faster. 

We recommend you use Relief Bands with a harness when your dog is free to sniff, explore, or lead in uncongested areas. That way you can reserve loose leash training and structured walks for your collar. This way you can clearly communicate to your dog when training is in progress.