Life happens to us and our dogs. We understand that as circumstances change things can get busy. Pulling Gear helped us stay consistent with walks during a hectic time, and we know it can do the same for you.

Dog parenting can be tough
Our Story

In 2018, I was caring for my expecting wife and overwhelmed with work. My young pups Braunse (left) and Journee (right) were getting the last of my energy. When I found time to take them for walks they would pull in excitement, which was very uncomfortable and led to short, hurried walks. The problem was that these short walks weren’t draining their pent-up energy or giving them the exercise they needed. I knew there had to be a way to satisfy the needs of my dogs without compromising my own. 

Instant Relief

One night after work, I took Braunse for a walk. I was tired and he wasn’t. He was pulling excitedly, which caused me to wind the leash around my hand in an attempt to gain some more control. The more Braunse pulled, the tighter the leash became around my hand. In an effort to gain some relief, I threaded my flashlight through the handle of the leash. This enabled me to walk Braunse with both hands instead of one, and leverage my weight against his pull force. Not only did I feel instant relief, my pup felt more resistance, allowing him to get a sufficient workout! I excitedly walked the next pup with my makeshift handle bar. After, my dogs were happily exhausted and I didn’t feel the usual physical strain. That night the Ergo Leash aka the Shrink Ray, the first kind of Pulling Gear, was birthed and has grown into the brand we proudly know as Ergo Dog. Welcome to the family.


Stephen & The Ergo Dog Team