The Ergo Leash Relief Package
The Ergo Leash Relief Package
The Ergo Leash Relief Package
The Ergo Leash Relief Package

The Ergo Leash Relief Package



  • Make your dog feel lighter!
  • Have easier walks without using products that cause your dog pain!
  • Drain your dogs energy faster!

Use Cases:

  • Walking multiple dogs at once
  • Hiking up hill
  • Exploration walks
  • Helping more members of the family walk a strong dog, kids for example
  • "Skatejoring" a dog powered sport that involves skateboards or roller blades 
  • K9 protection training/ bark and holds
  • Night walks
  • Anything you would use your regular leash for


  • Ergo Leash
  • Wrist Wrap
  • Audio Coach
  • Beginner Video
  • One Year Warranty 
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

*airpods not included

Ergo Leash Features:

  • 6 ft. extendable, retractable, and reflective lead
  • Textured Dual Hand Grip
  • Single Hand Cushioned Grip
  • Poop Bag Holder Slot


Our patented two handed leash for pulling dogs, instantly makes your dog feel LIGHTER by allowing you to utilize the strength of both arms. 

Our revolutionary handle bar helps you maintain balance, and counteract your dog's pull force with your body weight. When your dog pulls just lean back. It's that easy.

    • Ships Worldwide
    • One Year Manufacturer Warranty
    • In stock, ready to ship
    • Inventory on the way
    Regular price$100.00

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    Ordered my ergo leashes. We rescue Great Danes. They frequently come from bad situations where they have never been on a leash before. Their size makes them hard to handle when walking. I was able to walk my 100lb most recent rescue, Lana...I felt in control and after a while, she quit pulling so much. Thank you for such a badly needed product.

    Mindy C.

    The level of control I have now is ridiculous. Thank you for creating an accesory that not only improves my life, but my Big Baby's as well.

    Briane S.