Ergo Leash
Ergo Leash
Ergo Leash
Ergo Leash

Ergo Leash

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Our patented two handed leash for pulling dogs, instantly makes walks easier by allowing you to utilize the strength of both arms. 

Our revolutionary handle bar helps you maintain balance, and counteract your dog's pull force with your body weight. When your dog pulls just lean back. It's that easy.



  • 6 ft. extendable, retractable, and reflective lead
  • Textured grip
  • Single hand versatility
  • Wrist wrap
  • Light mount adapter (light sold separately)


The level of control I have now is ridiculous. Thank you for creating an accesory that not only improves my life, but my Big Baby's as well.

Briane L.

I took my dogs out for a walk after work today, and it is totally different... It's the best walking experience I've ever had with my dogs!

Kiani S.
unleash the power of


Ergonomics: the science of designing the workplace as well as its equipment and tools to make specific body movements more comfortable, efficient, and safe.


Our dogs have a lower center of gravity than we do, and four paw drive. Why wouldn't you give yourself a hand? When your dog pulls, just hold on and unleash power of ergonomics.