This Innovative Hack Instantly Helps Any Dog Parent Enjoy Easier Walks, And Drain Their Companion’s Pent Up Energy.

This Innovative Hack Instantly Helps Any Dog Parent Enjoy Easier Walks, And Drain Their Companion’s Pent Up Energy.

How can an ordinary dog leash and a security flashlight change the way people walk one or more energetic pups? We’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with walking at night… well almost nothing!

Stephen Bonds, the founder of Ergo Dog, and his wife Nadia were pregnant with their first child. They were excited to add to their family, which already consisted of Braunse and Journee, their two strong and energetic Pitbull pups. Shortly after receiving this joyous news, Nadia began to struggle with extreme pregnancy illness. As a result, Braunse and Journee received less exercise, attention, and became very restless. 

After a long day at work, Stephen would greet his two affectionate and excited pups. Unlike his dogs, he was usually low on energy. Braunse and Journee were filled with pent up energy and wanted to run and play at full speed. Simply holding the leash, felt like a losing game of Tug of War. Stephen knew that the pups' constant pulling on their walks was due to a lack of exercise. He desperately wanted relief for himself just as much as he wanted to give Braunse and Journee the workout they needed.

One night while Braunse (70 lbs) pulled eagerly on a walk, Stephen noticed his  leash wound tightly around his hand for a better grip. Halfway through the walk, his hand was sore and uncomfortable. Looking for immediate relief, he decided to thread a handheld flashlight through the loop handle of the leash. This allowed him to hold both ends of the flashlight with two hands like a handlebar. It was a lightbulb moment! Stephen realized that walking his dog with both hands in this position made Braunse feel like a much lighter dog. He was excited to test his makeshift solution on Journee (50 lbs). Stephen slipped the flashlight through the loop handle of the leash and recreated the handlebar grip. No matter how hard Journee pulled, he was able to control her intensity with ease. Instant relief for him and a great workout for his pup. This was truly a win-win!


That night the Ergo Leash was born. A product committed to helping dog parents stay connected to their companions by nurturing exercise without the discomfort. The Ergo Leash is made for people who consider their dog a member of the family and want them to have a positive outlet for play and exercise. The Ergo Leash is for people concerned with their dog’s desire for exercise just as much as they care for their own personal comfort. 

A Unique Approach

If you’ve ever found yourself holding a leash with two hands, it’s probably because your dog was excited and started pulling. This can cause unwanted strain on the body. It is common for people with larger and stronger breeds to seek out products that provide fast relief from the demands of handling a pulling dog. While most products aim to eliminate the pulling behavior using negative reinforcement, the Ergo Leash provides support while preserving a dog’s desire to pull. You may be wondering, why? Why not just eliminate pulling altogether? To answer this question, we have to dive into the heart behind the brand.


Why Do Dogs Pull?


Ergo Dog recognizes that some breeds, such as Huskies, are genetically predisposed to pull and have higher levels of energy than other dogs. For other breeds, pulling may be a result of a living environment that doesn’t provide adequate space to run. Allowing a dog to pull with the Ergo Leash, is an effective way for dog parents to exercise their companions with little equipment and no discomfort. Consider “pulling” a walk with some resistance for an excited dog’s desire to exert energy. The Ergo Leash is the tool that makes adding that resistance easy for you. The word Ergo translates to “work” in Greek. The Ergo Leash, or the “work” leash, is meant to empower the user to partner with their four legged friend and give them the outlet they desperately need. 

Pulling Can Be Fun!

Contrary to popular belief, there are benefits to having a strong dog that pulls. Dog powered sports like mushing, urban mushing, skate joring, ski joring, bike joring and more are great ways to bond with your dog.These sports involve harnessed dogs running at top speed while pulling their human companion on wheels, skis, or sleds. The same unbridled excitement that frustrates some people, can be fun when channeled for sport. Your dog can be trained to recognize when it is ok to pull. That’s when things get fun! Ergo Dog hopes to guide dog parents through the journey of harnessing their dog’s power by taking their dogs from ‘untrained' to trained-to-pull


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